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Fire Safety Management Plans

"A picture is worth a 1000 words" So what can a plan say?

Fire Safety Management & Use of Buildings - BS9999

Fire safety management plan

In October 2008 a new British Standard was introduced which aimed to improve and facilitate fire safety provisions in buildings to ensure reasonable standards for the fire safety of people in and around buildings , including fire fighters.

The standard deals with four main fire safety measures:

This document has been introduced to give a complete history of a building throughout its working life and assist occupiers to meet their statutory duties under the Regulatory Reform Order. As part of the recommendations to assist in the management of buildings practical plans/diagrams and reference tables should be produced and made available. These plans can also be used to assist in the formulation of the premise fire Strategy plan.

These drawings can also be used to assist in the building maintenance by providing information about the location type and size of the various items of fire safety equipment throughout the premises and can be invaluable to outside contractors whilst carrying out their servicing and annual inspections