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FireCad has been producing specialized fire safety drawings since 2002.

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The Institution of Fire Engineers

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FireCad has been producing specialized fire safety drawings since 2002.

In October 2006 Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order, 2005 came into force and over 70 pieces of previous fire safety law were replaced . These laws were administered by the Fire Service who issued fire certificates together with plans under the Fire Precautions Act 1971.

Today the “Reform Order” applies to all non domestic premises, the responsibility for compliance with the order has now been transferred to the owner or the person responsible for the management of the premises This person is responsible for identifying risks and hazards and producing a Fire Risk Assessment a fire plan forms part of that assessment to assist anyone who is required to understand and manage the fire precautions within that premise.

Types of premises for which we produce fire risk assessment plans:

What is a plan?

Similar to a map the orientation of the view is downward from above, but unlike a conventional map a plan is understood to be drawn from a vertical position, normally at about 1 metre above the floor The term may be used in general to describe any drawing showing the physical layout of objects.

Plans should convey to the person looking at them what they need to know, for instance a builder requires site dimensions and position of the building before commencing a project ,so the plan needs to be accurate and to scale.

However, a person who may be in a fire or emergency situation only needs to know where they are at that moment and where to go next.

"A recent survey has shown that only 6% of employees think about how to get out of a building in which they are regular occupants. More worryingly, 40% of workers instinctively follow other people in the event of a fire alarm, with only 29% heading for the nearest exit and 26% assuming the alarm is false".

With this in mind it is essential that all persons should be given the correct information to enable them to find their way out of a building, including any alternatives.

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Previous clients include: